A couple of classic tales of werewolfery!! Enjoy and pleasant dreams!

Tonight's stories include partying ghosts and hungry ghouls! Have a pleasant time! Enjoy!

Who is terrorizing the babysitter? Listen to find out!

A couple of scary stories to chill you on a hot summer night! Enjoy!

Scary stories of bravery! Enjoy!!

This episode consists of the story of a tiny apparition, as well as other spectral guests, at the Waverly mansion near West Point, Mississippi. Enjoy it!

A gruesome story of a child spirit. WARNING - this is a gruesome and tragic story and perhaps not for the squeamish!

A scary figure in an elevator and two terrifyingly haunted locations make up our chilling stories for this evening!

Two ghostly stories and a macabre tale about a town with a dark secret. Enjoy and pleasant frights!

Tales from terrifying school halls, and a young boy's dinners feature the macabre.

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