Kevin shares five modern ghost stories, and in a hospital a workaholic nurse is tasked with a very strange chore.

A tragic accident in a girl's dormitory, an escaped maniac and a life-sized doll who comes to life make up the chilling stories of this episode!

A historical property is haunted by its tragic past, and two teens buy more than they bargained for at a local food chain.

Kevin talks about some of the spooky occurrences in his home then shares two true Alabama stories of haunting images.

Two brothers come up against the mysterious creature haunting their village, and a young woman stumbles upon a strange jigsaw puzzle in a junk store.

Kevin tells of spooky goings-on in his bedroom while he was away, an Egyptian mummy causes chaos in a museum, and Kevin shares the story of his haunted doll Tammy.

My stay in Savannah, GA; the story about our wicked family member; an evil creature stalks the woods near our neighborhood!

A teenage couple comes face to face with a dark legend in a cemetery, and a bully gets his just desserts.

Two terror-filled stories for a cold winter's night!

Our first episode of the new year 2019! A missing child returns not quite the same, a last-minute babysitting gig turns into a nightmare, and a new house holds a grotesque secret in these spine-tingling tales!

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