In this episode, we share creepy urban legends that turned out to be true, and the grisly story of the death of Elisa Lam.

Chilling encounters with baby monitors, Chicago's famous ghost legend and a terrifying doll make up this episode.

A love story takes a turn for the worse, a scarecrow chills a countryside, and an escaped mental patient haunts a Virginia bridge!

In this episode, a tall hairy creature haunts a boy in an Alabama swamp, and a little girl and her doll creep out a neighborhood!

In this episode, a groom sees a dark side to his bride after their wedding, and a house near a village holds a dreadful secret.

From vanishing hitchhikers to creepy coffins, here are some old and new tales of terror to share around YOUR summer campfire!

in this episode: a wicked child's toy, a creepy imaginary friend, and that insane nagging feeling that we're all too familiar with! Enjoy!

For tonight's story, a creepy garden statue brings terror to its new owner.

in this episode, Kevin shares a scary Japanese urban legend, and some creepy things people of the internet have shared that their children have said.

In this episode, a ghostly tale from the bogs of Ireland, and the story of a vengeful spirit that loves to kill!

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