She may look innocent, but she's far from it. The true story of the most terrifying doll in my haunted collection!

Murders, wheelchairs and stalkers! Oh my! Enjoy this first episode of 2022! Happy New Year!

Special 45 minute episode! Enjoy the creepy Christmas story and music!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this spooky encounter from my childhood! For more stories like this, please be sure to check out my book "The Legends of Indian Narrows: Ghostly Childhood Memoirs" available at, other fine online retailers, ebook and audiobook!

Two absolutely freaky ghostly tales!! Might want to keep a light on while you listen!

The true story behind the world's most famous haunted....or cursed?....doll! show recorded in Waterbury, Connecticut, not far from the doll itself!

As promised, the part 2 of this week's episode and the story of a madman!

Don't let the innocent title of this episode fool you. This tale is definitely not innocent!! Enjoy! Happy Halloween!

Enjoy this tale of Selma, Alabama's prominent ghostly banker and his children.

Ghostly tales of hauntings from an Alabama abode!

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