For our first episode of 2020, Kevin shares stories of a spooky Alabama location and a flaming ghost!

Gather 'round and listen as Kevin shares some of his favorite holiday horrors to chill your season.

A family ghost story involving an eerie photograph from Alabama is the subject of this episode.

The dead who still walk in Russia's countryside, a ghostly tale from Australia, and an allegedly haunted item make up this episode's chilling stories.

Monsters, witches and zombies! These are the fiends showcased in tonight's chilling tales!

In this episode, we give you the chilling tales of a haunted house and evil spirits! A perfect way to start out the month of Halloween!

Happy Friday the 13th! Tonight's tales.... a town fears a werewolf might exist among them, and a teen girl is terrorized by a madman!

A creepy intruder, a night ride into the supernatural and a dinner of the macabre make up our stories this time.

A terrifying legend haunts the ozarks, and a young girl arrives to church to find a mass of a whole different kind.

Kevin shares five modern ghost stories, and in a hospital a workaholic nurse is tasked with a very strange chore.

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