Kevin tells of the paranormal experiences in his childhood home that started him on a path into the world of the supernatural!

Kevin shares the story about his first ever haunted doll, Patty

Kevin shares a horror story about an evil house, and a nighttime ride becomes a living nightmare for a horseback rider.

Special Halloween episode! Kevin shares THREE of his favorite scary urban legends of which are not often told.... from a frightening discovery on a college campus, to the underground horrors of the New York Subway, to finally a creepy bloody legend from his own childhood neighborhood. 

An unsuspecting couple buys a dreamy Mercedes that has a nightmarish past, and more mayhem abounds at a college campus. 

A Thanksgiving road trip for two young women takes a sinister turn when they stumble upon an abandoned house, and a man in France asks a simple question only to find his life turned into a living nightmare for the next seven years. 

We start of with a good creepy Christmas classic horror story followed by two more classic urban legend scare stories!

More Yuletide horror stories! A sinister figure stalks on Christmas Eve, the daughter of a wicked rich man receives a macabre gift, and two young girls learn the dangers of sneaking out in the dead of night!

Our first episode of the new year 2019! A missing child returns not quite the same, a last-minute babysitting gig turns into a nightmare, and a new house holds a grotesque secret in these spine-tingling tales!

Two terror-filled stories for a cold winter's night!

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