Seemingly innocent objects bring terror to our world in these three ghoulish tales! Enjoy, and Happy Hauntings!

Sit back and enjoy a scary Alabama ghost story and a macabre tale from Spain!

A grousome group of tales are gathered here for your enjoyment!!

It's time for more chilling tales of terror! Lock those doors and windows!

Perhaps that "imaginary friend" your child talks about isn't so imaginary after all! Take a listen to these chilling allegedly true imaginary friend tales!

We celebrate our 50th episode with a couple of gruesome and creepy tales!! Please enjoy!

The tales of a former site of the macabre in New Orleans and a supernatural hole in Alabama make up this chilling episode.

Maniacs and madmen abound in this episode of chilling tales!

A smorgasbord of chilling Valentine tales of ghosts and deadly terrors!!

In this episode, we have a classic serial killer story and a tale of a mysterious monster in the dark!

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